General FAQ

  • Why should I choose Wesley Howell, CPA over the big names in tax preparation?

  • What should I expect to pay for a typical tax preparation?

  • What can I do to reduce my accounting costs?

  • I do not live in Orlando/I am too busy to meet in person. Can Wesley Howell, CPA still help me?

  • How often should I expect to meet with Wesley Howell, CPA as my accountant?

  • How does communication work at your firm?

  • How long has your firm been in business?

In a word? Experience. Most big-name tax preparation companies are staffed with new preparers, most of whom have undergone a maximum of eight hours of training. They receive massive amounts of business because of the size of their marketing department, not their capability or level of care. With Wesley, you will be receiving personalized service with one-on-one style coaching, backed by over 20 years of accounting experience, and your accounts will not be passed around an office.

That depends on the needs of the individual. Currently, there are over 150 different tax forms used in preparation of a tax return. Until we have the chance to sit down and discuss the details of your specific circumstance and what your needs are for the given tax season, we will be unsure of the total cost.

Come prepared and come organized. While a stack of receipts is a good starting point, it will take time to sort through and get organized, and that is even before the real accounting work occurs. Keeping general records in good working order allows Wesley Howell to maximize his time and effectiveness as your accountant, and reduce your overall costs.

Yes! Wesley Howell, CPA prides himself on being available to his clients when and how they need him. He is available for initial appointments both online via (ZOOM? FACETIME?) or in person at his office at (ADDRESS) during (OFFICE HOURS)

This will depend on your personal needs, which will be determined during your initial consultation with Wesley Howell. On average, most clients will meet with him monthly, but it could be as little as annually.

The firm-client relationship is what is most important, therefore clients have the flexibility to meet through zoom, connect via email, or schedule an in-person appointment. Wesley Howell, CPA prides himself on being reachable and a responsive, two key qualities to look for in a successful accountant.

Wesley Howell, CPA has been in business since 1994, serving individuals and small businesses alike.