Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Certified Public Accountant

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No matter how small or big your business is, having a tax and financial advisor can make a world of difference. If you are serious about your business, getting a CPA is recommended. CPAs or Certified Public Accountants are considered to be super accountants because they are required to clear a notoriously difficult licensing examination in a state. Technically, all CPAs are accountants, but all accountants may not be CPAs. An accountant might fulfill some of your business's accounting needs. However, there are specific circumstances where having a CPA can have its advantages. 

A CPA is licensed by a state and is up-to-date with the prevailing tax laws. CPAs are also required to comply with continuing education requirements in order to maintain their licenses. CPAs can also perform detailed financial analysis and advice on tax and financial matters. However, the biggest reason why most businesses use a CPA for their business taxes is that, in an audit, a Certified Public Accountant is eligible to represent you before the IRS, while an accountant cannot.

So how can you ensure you choose the right CPA for your business? Here are the top five things to look for when hiring a CPA. 

1. Experience 
As in the case of any profession, when it comes to hiring a certified public accountant, adequate professional experience in the accounting domain is a critical factor. Therefore, please ensure the professional has enough experience in the area of expertise you need. When hiring, you should assess an accounting professional's credibility based on their level of knowledge and capability in handling long-term financial markets and investment allocations. 

2. CPA Licensed
Although this is one of the primary factors that should influence your hiring process, surprisingly, it is also the most overlooked. The CPA you are thinking of recruiting should be licensed. A licensed CPA will be confident owing to adequate general industry exposure and up-to-date knowledge that will help establish consistency. A CPA license can be verified by checking the state database in Florida at  

3. Personality
Meet with the professional you're going to do business with. The CPA of your choice should enjoy meeting new people and be forthcoming about helping clients with a particular situation. A pleasant personality results in an overall pleasurable experience working with your CPA and goes a long way in helping maintain a healthy working relationship. 

4. Accessibility
Your CPA should be accessible to you. A professional who always tries to respond to their client's request promptly is worth having on your side. Accounting matters can be time-sensitive and if for whatever reason you are not able to contact your CPA, it could spell disaster. 

5. Price
For many, the price does matter. Shop around and do not just assume the fee you are paying is typical. A competent CPA worth hiring would include someone who will provide experienced professional service that is most times much more affordable than the larger firms. The cost also differs based on the location of the client. 

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