Tax Services

Wesley R. Howell, CPA has been providing tax services to clients for over 15 years. Whether it’s corporate,  individual, non-profit, trust, partnership or whatever tax service you need, we guarantee to provide professional quality service with a personal touch.

Corporate – Whether your company files as a c corporation or as an s corporation, we can prepare your return and you can feel confident that your taxes are being handled by a licensed, competent professional with extensive experience.

Individual  – Everyone deserves to have access to qualified, licensed, professional tax help, and with us that is exactly what you get. We help clients of all levels and give each the same professional service they deserve.

Non-Profit – Non-Profit organizations come in all sizes, just like corporations and individuals. Wesley R. Howell, CPA, having served as a controller for a medium sized non-profit, as well as, having prepared tax returns for non-profit organizations with gross revenue in the millions to those with gross revenue only in the thousands, knows how important it is to the boards and to management. Whether you need help just filing your 990-N, or you need to file a 990-EZ or complete 990 we guarantee professional service that you can feel confident with.

Trust  – Simple Trust or Complex Trust?  Capital Gain or Ordinary Income? Should the trust pay the tax, or have the income flow to the beneficiaries and be taxed at the individual level? These are only a few of the issues involving trust tax returns. Wesley R. Howell, CPA has prepared many trust income tax returns and helped many clients avoid costly mistakes in the process.

Partnership  – Partnership tax returns can be some of the most complicated returns of all. There is a reason many real estate developers use partnerships instead of corporate entities as their preferred structure. When partners leave and new ones come in the partnership basis will change, and inside and outside basis issues complicate the matter. Even some CPAs do not have experience dealing with these issues. Wesley R. Howell, CPA has been fortunate enough to have worked in this area and prepared partnership tax returns, many with complex ownership structures.

These are some of the more common tax returns we deal with, however, there are many others that we also deal with that may be less common, such as, 1040NR for Non-Residents, intangible tax returns for businesses, sales tax issues and many others.